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Junk Station is Erie County’s top rated junk removal company. At Junk Station we are reliable and dedicated and we get the job done right the first time.

If you are tired of always accumulating junk and you need it gone fast? No worries! We are the ones for the job.

We have hard working Erie County PA Junk Removal crews to handle all of your needs. With years of Erie County PA Junk Removal experience, our team guarantees a cost-effective and timely junk removal service that is effective. Don’t sweat it, when you give us a call we’ll take care of everything.

At Junk Station we are a one stop shop for professional junk removal and hauling service that services the greater Erie region. Our Erie County PA Junk Removal provides junk removal and hauling of the following items: burn piles, appliances, floors and carpets. Removal of office junk and debris as well from corporate offices. We take care of all your junk removal needs,  With us, you can relax knowing that your overflowing chaotic space will soon be an organized one!

No location is too far! No job is too big or too small!

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Edinboro Junk Removal

If you’re faced with a hoarding situation and need help, Junk Station is here for you – no job is too big or too small. Junk Station is committed to helping make your life easier by removing all types of junk, from your yard to your attic. If you have any Edinboro PA Junk Removal needs, it’s time to call Junk Station!

How many times have you had a bunch of junk in your garage that must go? That’s what brought us here. Reserve your spot and we’ll haul your unwanted junk as needed. Rest easy knowing we’ll take care of it once and for all, on time and on budget, with the utmost professionalism.

Get a free estimate from Junk Station and say goodbye to clutter forever. We’ll get rid of junk with confidence, while you take care of your loved ones. We’re family-friendly! We’ll treat your house or business with care, carefully hauling away all junk.

Our cleanouts are affordable as well. Edinboro PA Junk Removal can consist of cleanouts in offices, homes and rental apartments.

Tearing your house down is not an option, but don’t worry. We offer full demolition services for all rooms in your home. No need to worry about cracked tiles or lifting floors, with Edinboro PA Junk Removal, light demolition services we can gut a room with ease and perfection.

Got an old play or swing set your children have grown out of? Contact Junk Station for a free estimate and to schedule removal.

Fast, dependable, and home-friendly junk hauling is right here at Junk Station. We specialize in demolition, hauling and recycling to help you declutter and clean up easily. We work like the wind with quick, safe methods that won’t make you cringe. We have all the equipment necessary to tear down and remove anything including your old junk garage, auto, kitchen or bathroom remodel project. Whether it’s for commercial property or your home renovation, we are the solution for all of your demolition needs. Remove your old stuff using the best service in Edinboro PA Junk Removal– Call Us Now! 


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